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  • Ensemble Contrastes

    Ensemble Contrastes was born from the trio with the same name. It is composed by Marco Pastor (violin), Lara Díaz (clarinet) and Juan Francisco Vicente (piano) -formerly Luis Miguel Abello (piano)-. Two main reasons made the transformation in Contrasts Ensemble and the consequent increase in the number of musicians occur almost naturally. On one side the possibility to perform a number of important works that require a greater number of interpreters. Moreover, the possible combinations of the instruments present at
    Ensemble Contrastes (Quartets, Trios, String and Wind Quintet, with or without piano…) are numerous and can cover a vast repertoire in chamber music. The core group consists of a Trio (violin, clarinet and piano), String Quartet, Wind Quintet, Piano and Harpsichord. This staff can increase or decrease, depending
    on program needs.

    In his performances are many and various professionals working with the Ensemble Contrasts, among which we find important conductors such as Inma Shara, or with an upward trajectory as Luis Miguel Abello, even renowned comedians such as Julian Lopez, monologist from Paramount Comedy and collaborator at the “Noche Hache”, tv show from “Cuatro” channel, actors (Roberto García Encinas, Margarita Brel …), puppeteers, designers (Fely Campo), singers and, of course, musicians. Contrasts Ensemble components are mostly professional from Castilla y León, although musicians from other autonomous communities collaborates with the Ensemble.

    At right side you can see links to see or download videos, audio and images from pieces played by Ensemble Contrastes, in it’s different combinations, and information about our repertoire.